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Nurturing Creativity Amidst the Obstacles of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 23

For years, Mari and I navigated the corporate landscape, forging connections on an in-house creative team. Despite our love for colleagues and the professional growth, we always had that itch to dictate our own projects, schedules, and environment. Lucca Lily sprouted from a simple conversation: “This is going to be a lot harder with the babies, what can we do?”

We can only imagine that that same thought runs through a lot of parents’ heads when they realize what an enormous life shift bringing a child into the world can be. The stress of it all had the two of us envisioning a workplace that embraced the delicate dance between creative pursuits and the joys of family life. However, we were not blind to the comforts a secure job provided.

Stepping away from the safety net of a structured in-house agency proved both liberating and daunting. The transition demanded trading the comfort of a familiar routine for the unpredictability of entrepreneurship. We faced the challenge of adapting to a new mindset, shouldering different responsibilities, and reveling in the newfound autonomy that came with being our own bosses.

While you often hear that starting a business is incredibly hard, the nuanced intricacies of it all surprised us. Despite considering organization and multitasking as personal strengths, we quickly realized that our Type-A characteristics, while beneficial, couldn't shield us from the humility required to acknowledge our initial lack of knowledge. Developing the mindset of "there is most likely a better way to go about doing this" proved to be a challenging yet essential aspect of our entrepreneurial journey. Reflecting on our experiences, if we could offer advice to our past selves six months ago, it would be:

  • Don't wait for the stars to align; reach up and arrange them the way you want.

  • Make everything scalable; the upfront investment will ease stress in the long run.

  • If you don't know, then ask—there will inevitably be a better expert than you.

  • Assuming you are wrong is much safer than assuming you are right.

  • Self-advocacy is not attention-seeking; it is bold.

  • There is karma in every interaction; continue to foster relationships.

  • Avoiding the "what if" holds greater significance than seeking comfort.

  • Acknowledge and celebrate small victories along the way.

As we look back on our journey, recognizing personal growth and lessons learned, we are immensely grateful for taking the leap together and cannot wait to watch the journey of Lucca Lily Design Collective unfold.

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