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Harnessing AI Without Becoming Obsolete

Updated: Jan 20

Throughout history, technological advancements have often sparked fears of obsolescence. From the advent of the printing press to the rise of the steam engine and beyond, each new leap in innovation left people with a sense of uncertainty.

In the design world, the fear of advancing technology making certain jobs obsolete is not a new concept, but a revitalized one with the induction of Photoshop Beta’s use of AI, ChatGPT, and other technologies. We believe that the fear of being less effective has a better chance of holding designers back than the technology itself.

When utilized properly, we can harness the power of AI to elevate designs, efficiency, and most importantly, client expectations. Of course there are elements of these new technologies that can complete a task in 15 seconds that would have previously taken half an hour - but viewing these changes through the lens of efficiency as opposed to fear can really make all the difference and reveal our capacity to adapt and thrive.

Let's embrace and shape a future where technology is a force for good, not a source of apprehension.

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