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Lucca Lily Has Arrived!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

For Grace, Mari, and MJ, Lucca Lily is more than just a creative outlet- it is the result of a relationship founded in friendship, creativity, and the importance of pursuing the things you love. Named after Lucca, Mari’s son, and Lily, Grace’s daughter, the Design Collective is a marriage of collaboration and innovation, offering a breadth of creative services from marketing, web design, and social media…to branding, email design, and print design!

At the heart of Lucca Lily is the belief that collaboration fuels creativity and every project is viewed as an opportunity to collaborate not only with each other but also with clients. The best designs are born from a deep understanding of a brand's identity and goals, and Lucca Lily works closely with their clients to bring their visions to fruition.

Stay tuned for more updates, projects, and insights from Lucca Lily Design Collective as they make client’s ideas come to life, one project at a time

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